November 1 2018, USA Today

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Bastes, e.g.
Smallish combo
Places to overnight
Quill pen point
Yellowstone Park attraction
Like removable teeth
Glass of public radio
Loupe, essentially
Put cargo aboard
Forage grain
"To a . . ." poet
"Golden" 35-Down
Most driving-permit holders
Amply ventilated
Serengeti excursion
"Peter Pan" beast, for short
Held in contempt
Al who created Dogpatch
Dance to a ukulele, perhaps
Catchall abbreviation
Libations with pub grub
Male bighorn
Form a bridge across
In the thick of
iPod selection
Replaceable joint
Anglers with pots
Gardner of "Mogambo"
How most LPs are bought, now
Cleared in winter
Eliciting a shrug, perhaps
Dogged it
Turkish leader of old
Protestant work ___
Responded to reveille
Deteriorates, in a way
Parent at a stud farm
End-of-workweek cry
Ordination, e.g.
Off in the distance
Microchipped family members
"___ too shabby!"
Install, as tileend
Jellyfish attack
Jam to capacity
Not worth debating
Banks who was known as "Mr. Cub"
44-Across geometry calculation
Twiddling one's thumbs
Take most of the electoral votes
Brillo competitor
Sue Grafton's "___ for Silence"
Captures, as flavor
Dwarf planet beyond Mars
Big bashes
Cola flavoring
Gemologist's measure
UAW part
Word before flare or panel
"___ a silly question . . ."
Attach special importance to
One to hang with
Dale who rode Buttermilk
Right triangle ratio
Two-dimensional figure
Heavy hammer
Positive thinker Norman Vincent ___
Dickens' mysterious Edwin
If all goes wrong
Home to most NHL teams
Freestyler's genre
Have a pulse
Walk in the wild
Occasion to use water cannons
Patronize, as a beanery
Waltzed through
Online transactions, briefly
Batik artists, e.g.