May 15 2019, USA Today

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Set of moral values
Blog annoyance
Pablo Casals' instrument
"Pay attention!"
Bat mitzvah honoree
Quarterback Rodgers
Tennis club figure
City south of Tampa
"I'm Lovin' It," e.g.
Blue Angels team member
Loft bundle
Short and sweet
Like unsweetened lemonade
Seating sections
History Channel topics
"Enough already!"
Brings disgrace to
Rock's Blue Oyster ___
Prima donnas's problems
Captain's spot
Square measure
Locomotive, informally
Half and half?
Self-service restaurant section
Indonesian resort isle
Pear discard
Kate of "Private Practice"
Did damage to
Heroic tales
Riyadh native
Justice Kagan
Kicks back
Difficult to climb
Zoo houseful
It follows a 65-Across
Tourney entrant
Deceitful words
Maize unitend
Carve into crystal
Spaces between outfielders
Uppity sort
Place for a play fort
Weapon for Wonder Woman
Spencer of "Good Morning America"
Baby sitter's challenge
Common 42-Across shape
Out of sorts
Guthrie at Woodstock
Sweater or sock pattern
Circus performers
"Fat chance!"
Years on end
"That's wonderful!"
Precarious, as a situation
Game show figures
Big galoot
Commits a faux pas
Reindeer reinsman
Western necktie
Sign of summer
Sculpted gem
Bulb units
Sewer access
Church tower sound
Make unwelcome advances to
Wire-bending tool
Loved to bits
Yard sale caveat
Tennis umpire's call
Wavy 'do
Gorgonzola or Stilton
Hassle-free state
White House staffers
Payment before a hand
Vehicle on runners
Tara of "Sharknado"
Satchmo's vocal quality