May 14 2022, USA Today

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Breathing organ
Space ___ (film genre)
Material of some body jewelry
Root beer and Sprite, e.g.
Glitz and ___
Sign up
Athlete's representative
Silently agreed
Tablet download
Question to a prank caller
Like dear memories
"Go back one step" PC command
French word before (and contained within) "Miserables"
As well
Oceanographers study it
"Black Panther" director Coogler
Vietnamese noodle soup
Activist Parks
Tabriz's country
Topic in union negotiations
Make, like wages
Fastening on
One of two on the ice at an NHL game
All-luck card game
Algebra or calc, e.g.
Without a worry in the world
"All bets ___ off!"
Instant messaging pioneer
Animal companion
Mass of honeybees
In the company of
Train passenger
Nickelodeon goo
___ mater
Stated aloud
Unknown author, for short
Have no doubt about
Eggs on sushiend
Opposite of profit
Mom's mom
"I'll leave that ___ you"
Toy brick brand with a "Flower Bouquet" kit
Device that can read QR codes
"Everything I ___" (Melissa Ferrick song)
Like balsamic vinegar
Tadpoles' habitats
"We had the same idea!"
Wedding words
In addition
Takes the wheel
Excursion that doesn't involve an overnight stay
Brewed cafe order
"It's in ___ Kiss" (The Hollies song)
Now, in Spanish
"I have nothing else to add"
Major artery
A long way away
___ Diego
Plan to pay later, at a bar
One deadlift, e.g.
Large features of Abyssinian cats
Tree in the olive family
Dairy item that might be 1% or 2%
Horse's home on a farm
Father of Thor
___ acids
Apt name for a black-and-white cat
"Finding Dory" character
Accessory for Sheriff Woody
Sign of the future
Got larger