March 7 2023, USA Today

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Big ___ placements (sun, moon and rising signs)
Workouts performed on hands and toes
Used a certain rideshare app
Asana with a divine name
Mancala or go
___ Paulo
Fermented cabbage dish
Scaly parts of an emu
Future judge's exam
Slowly leak
Handoff recipients, in football (Abbr.)
Top-tier celebs
Evidence of ghosts, maybe
Some H.S. exams
Chewy orange snack
Detangled, like a mane
W-2 ID no.
However, for short
Salmon eggs
"To a . . ." poems
Soccer players who make saves
Number of B's in this clue
Trans ___ are human ___
Rowing team
Boba tea insert
"Bear" that can sleep 20 hours a day
Gift for a chef
Desire for excess
Palindromic feat
Bit of land surrounded by sea
Bright like a highlighter
"Spring forward" letters
Kind of milk in some vegan ice cream
Purple yamend
"IDK yet," on a schedule
Fluffy boot brand
___ butter lotion
Feathery wrap
Broadcasted again
Clubby music
Final Greek letter
Brewpub's outdoor seating area
Group of actors
Blueprint detail, for short
"Celia's Song" writer Maracle
Occasions when Twitch viewers "invade" another stream
"Hooray, me!"
Purse handles
"Messenger" molecule
Impressive performance that gets massive applause
"___ the one who knocks"
"Joyeux ___!" ("Merry Christmas," in French)
Braille components
Chromosome part
Wrote some Python, for example
Reggae precursor
Ending for "kilo" or "candy"
Big cheese
Country with a harp on its coat of arms
Inexpensive reds and whites at a restaurant
___ vera gel
Place for a sit-down dinner
Four-award achievement
Fairy's spellcasting tool
Knight's horse
The god Maui, to 'Akalana