June 23 2022, USA Today

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Easter ___ (hidden bonuses in many superhero movies)
Gas station stores
Du Yun's "Angel's Bone," e.g.
Golf hole number
Belonging to us
Apt last name for a handyperson
Semiaquatic pond critter
Kissing in a movie theater, e.g.
Totally confused
Single-wheeled vehicles
Sewing line
Image Awards org.
Dancer and singer JoJo
Home to the Greek gods
Fine spray
___ Day (tree-planting occasion)
Porch pirate, e.g.
Coop residents
"What a shame!"
Is living the dream
Telekinesis and telepathy, for two
Falcon, e.g.
Hand sanitizer's target
Sign up for more
Zigzag on skis
Artifact from the past
Car type
Pastry often served with tea
Like Hela and Thanos
Degrees for execs
"The Big Gay Sketch Show" segment
Nickname for 63-Across
Org. that encourages flossing
Batmobile, e.g.end
Mayday Parade genre
Utensil for soup
Empty spaces
___ couture
DC Comics archer who sometimes dresses like Robin Hood
Most populated continent
Watch online
NFL tiebreakers
Channel with old flicks
Bareilles of "Girls5eva"
Dial-up pioneer
"Haven't decided yet . . ."
Marvel sorceress portrayed by Elizabeth Olsen
"I just got it!"
Flies, to a spider
Research sites
Disney deer
Cheese in some bagels
Fishing spot
Rude person
Fantastic Four ally with metallic skin
God-___ (next-level awesome)
"Flying Over Sunset" drug
Jonathan Van ___ ("Queer Eye" star)
Type of first responder
Sport that uses grappling gloves
"You're so ___ / You probably think this song is about you"
Avenger aka Natasha Romanoff
Vietnamese garment
"Would it be OK?"
"___ we forget . . ."
"Nice thinking!"
Badminton divider