June 12 2019, USA Today

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Sports bar array
Heister's loot
End of Napoleon's palindrome
Parts of stadium sections
Whiteboard needs
Low man at La Scala
Tiny picnic crasher
Worshipped celeb
O or AB-
California wine county
Where cons exercise
"Up" voice actor Ed
Like an unswept chimney
Exercises done in a studio
Sees the point
Departs, with "forth"
Carpeting calculation
Franklin or Kennedy coin
Every last bit
Night light provider
Brewski topper
More than just suggest
Motel worker
"Turn up the heat!"
Prince, to a king
Show surprise, in a way
Cocktail party tidbits
Pooh's mopey friend
Dragged to court
URL punctuation mark
Office newbie
Former "The Talk" co-host Aisha
Makes quite an impression on
Dim bulb
Circus clapper
Worker during a walkout
Squeeze bunt stat
Sci-fi figuresend
Finger-pointer's word
Temptation on a hook
Masseurs' workplaces
Reason to earn a Navy Cross
"Toy Story" boy
Guesstimate words
Metro map spot
El ___ (weather phenomenon)
Rodeo ropes
Toy for a little builder
Some superstars' problems
Atlanta research university
Much of Mali
"The Joy Luck Club" novelist
Viva voce exams
Penguins' perches
"This is delicious!"
Fly off the shelves
Skinny ties
Gilbert of "The Talk"
Bumbling sort
Corn or quinoa
Short-legged herding dog
"Heavens to Betsy!"
Made smooth, in a way
Bowlers' rentals
Leave dumbstruck
Frog's hangout
Bakers' and brewers' needs
Pixar dinosaur
Gandhi promoted it
Affix a brand on
Czech-German river
Irritate big-time
Not 1-Across?
Show signs of life
Meatloaf servings