July 22 2021, USA Today

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Cards that are high or low in blackjack
Yoga or gymnastics move
Crumb-carrying insect
Awards show slights
Circle dance performed at some Jewish weddings
"Better late ___ never"
Complete stranger
Organization such as Free the 350
Ages and ages
Leave fur everywhere
Ms. Foundation for Women CEO Younger
Car-radio button
Throw away
Having sharp corners
Old-fashioned ale holders
"Crown: An ___ to the Fresh Cut"
Moving day vehicle
Game in which certain words are off-limits
Single-stranded molecule
It might open a lock
"My turn!"
Fights authority
G, D and E, at guitar lessons
End of a kite
Indigenous people for whom two U.S. states are named
Slugger's opportunity
"I'm Coming Out" singer Ross
Person who prefers their own company
King with a golden touch
Thailand's former name
Big deer
"Akeelah and the ___"
Word after "many moons"
Spice Girl ___ Bend
River in Indiana
Nez Perce and Cherokee Nation, e.g.
"OMG, that's a lot for me"
Ancient Egyptian ruler
Professor's talk
"Citizen" author Claudia
"I expected better from you!"
Make and serve drinks
Undergrad degrees
Lip balm brand
Opposite of on
Appliance at a bakery
Valuable quality
Hide in the shadows
"That bites"
Follower of Jah
Former WNBA coach Donovan
Stand the test of time
It might be circled on a calendar
Untruthful person
"___ estas?"
Droopy-eared dog
Truly love
Steamed bun
Biblical song
Spanish for "aunt"
Colorful pond fish
Playing field in "The Sandlot"
What the Grinch put on his dog to disguise him as a reindeer
Wise-sounding herbal drink
Assigned work to
Large back teeth