July 17 2021, USA Today

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Bono seen in "Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen"
Fail to win
Ilhan of Congress
Train terminals
"Unfinished Symphony" composer
Attention-getting sound
Used a doorbell
"In my opinion . . ."
How people might cower
Big failure
"Anything ___?"
Scratchy voice
Word after "hot" or "peanut"
Had a rendezvous
Like a winning bid, usually
Don't be a ball hog
Fastener shaped like the 21st letter
Happen repeatedly
When roosters crow
Herb in tomato soup, sometimes
PrideFest, e.g.
Makes a costume, perhaps
Carve in glass
One-time world record-holding powerlifter Janae
Half of half-and-half
Least feral
Tackle the slopes
Like a vintage clock
VHS, e.g.
Big-screen movie format
Dog food brand hidden in "goal posts"
Detergent brand
"Let's go!"
Tortoise's competitor in a fable
Rumi and ___ (Beyonce's twins)end
Chunk of dirt
Garment that might be draped in the nivi style
Conclude through reasoning
"Black Girl, Call ___" (Jasmine Mans book)
African country that's also a name
___ Wafers
Egg layers
Toothpick alternative
Event where gains are balanced by losses
Computer key below ~
"I reckon so!"
Ran after
The Chickasaw, e.g.
"Honest" prez
Casino game with dice
Basic collection for a mechanic
Fail to pronounce clearly
"It's ___ never"
Abbr. in a company name
Brisk horse gaits
Dessert that may be topped with two brides
Wright of BBC Sport
Bit of advice
Combine different items to make a set
Soothing succulent
Peru's capital
The Louvre city
Golf org.
Smell from a pile of dirty dishes
Hammer, e.g.
Target of some therapy