July 16 2021, USA Today

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Add-on cost
Against ___ odds
Symbol of gloom
Blues guitarist Baker
Compartment where a truck driver sits
___ ace (person who is aromantic and asexual)
When you ___ expect it
"L.A. Story" star Henner
Cribbage piece
Chaotic situation
Imagined while sleeping
Like the angles in an equilateral triangle
Stunt bike letters
Salad with hard-boiled eggs
People with passwords
Opposite of shortest
Word before "sleep" or "supply"
Coerce some money out of
Elastic hair tie
Word confused with "their" and "there"
Recorded in a TV studio
Currency in Greece
When a plane is supposed to leave (Abbr.)
Fireplace sights
The ___ Sutra
"For You ___" (Monica hit)
On edge
Perfectly suited
1969 Stonewall ___
Piece of data
Fish-and-chips fish
"Shea Butter Baby" singer Lennox
Explosive letters
___ out a win
CHIKA genreend
Bus prices
Period before the storm
Awareness-raising ad
Fill with glee
___ 51
Creme de la creme
Go or Indigo
Absolutely nothing
Baronet's address
Part of a surfboard or a shark
Discreetly include on an email
Idle gossip
Mammal that lives underground
Alabama's country
Abu Dhabi's country
Gaming console for Halo
Opposite of menos
Vegetable with silky leaves
Shout after a silly mistake
Genesis maker
"Good point"
NWSL official
It's much smaller than a gulp
Dwelling also called a ger
Odor-absorbing stuff in a box
Wordless yes
Super cool
The D in CD
Pie filling that might be vegetarian, despite the name
Multiple-choice choice, often
In addition
Come to deserve
"Jojo Rabbit" director Waititi
Opening made in a frozen dinner cover
Verb on a tea packet