July 14 2021, USA Today

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Luggage tie-on
Trunk, in anatomy
___ Lankan rupee
Lump of dirt
What eyebrows are made of
Not doing anything
Caused to laugh
Surname meaning "gold" in Korean
"Tell me more"
What a clock shows
Low-pH compound
Moth-repelling wood
Olympics boats
Something a visor provides
"No more details!"
Come to a close
Caleen Sisk, for the Winnemem Wintu
___ your bets
Language group that includes K'iche' and Tzeltal
Bit of 37-Across
Herb with a strong flavor
Put on repeat
Play's first part
Sweet roll topped with nuts
Daisy relative
Like a hot shower
___ Against Racism Tour (1998 concert series organized by Mike Park)
Its S stands for "Sign"
Makes very happy
Medium that Tracy Lee Stum draws in
Path for a train
Olympics host in 2014
Casting assignment
"Me too"
Hoofbeat sound
Like the number 2021
Dorm advisorsend
Centers of pluots
Life force
Japanese dog breed
Strong smell
Decked out
Act like
Find a petroleum deposit
Flavor found in shiitake mushrooms
"Every cloud ___ a silver lining"
1007 Mountain Drive, Gotham, for example
Showed the way
Part of the foot
Basketball tournament since 1939
Corneal refractive surgery
Amount of cabbage
Numbers to crunch
National Taco Day mo.
Dusting cloth
Inventor Boykin
Parent company of Sonic Team
Sweet or sour, e.g.
Property line markers
Nutrient-dense green
Comes to a stop
Verb in spring roll recipes
Bit of fraud involving a painting, perhaps
Sudoku section
Nonhuman worker at the Henn na Hotel
Point-to-point auto competition
Get away from
"All good!"
Feeling after a wushu class
Is inclined
Pass over