August 5 2019, USA Today

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Crow's nest site
Ladd of "Shane"
Major falling-out
"I didn't know that!"
Form into braids
Pre-marathon intake, briefly
Burnoose wearer
Gift with an "aloha"
Omaha-born civil rights figure
Printed on a slant
Wide neckwear
Fan fave
Abbr. on Big Apple mail
Safecracking crook
Double play's pair
Clearasil targets
Eco-friendly Seuss character
Physical therapy, in brief
39-Across alternative
Short pulse of energy
Leto who played the Joker
Ill-mannered sorts
Range through seven nations
Staycation spots
Gluttonous sort
Ride a wave
Easily powdered mineral
The Stones, for many years
Made leonine sounds
Break of day
Banshees' cries
Hole-punching tools
Clear a hurdle
Uber payment
Reid of "Sharknado"
Battery fluid
Luau strings, informally
X- or Blu- follower
Race in neutralend
Homer's toon wife
Far from turbulent
Victor's cry
Many a "Star Wars" character
Realtor's measure
Unlike a hoarder
Protective part of a crib
Shortly, to the Bard
Explosive sold by Acme
Jack who played Friday
Without compassion
Takes a sharp turn
Jazz great Armstrong
Skill for a rodeo contestant
Caffeine-laden soda
Overdo it onstage
Inflicts damage on
Weasley at Hogwarts
Shapes with an ax
Laundry product lethal to roaches
Poker variety
Carnival worker's guess
Navi Harbor watchmaker
Brit's "I agree!"
Bombarded, as with complaints
Cobbler's stock
Homeless child
Woolly petting zoo animal
Bambi, at first
Cross-shaped Greek letter
"Witness" director Peter
Its parts end 17-Across and 11- and 28-Down
Camper's swimming spot
Rank above viscount
Like Halloween sounds
Flouted the limit
Some whiskeys
Sitcom interrupters