April 15 2019, USA Today

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Sitcom lines
Wrinkly hybrid fruit
Many a Dubai native
Election map color
Renders harmless, as a steer
Take over, as land
Wonderland bird
Polished off
Original voice of 50-Down
Advisory board on light frying?
Disney sister of Elsa
Hammer's nail-pulling end
Soprano's solo
Coil in a shed
Folklorist's story
Like most "dad jokes"
"That's a lie, bro"
Turn away, as a gaze
Desert-dwelling babysitter?
Sounds from prides
Perfectly suited
Oscar Night frocks
Telly viewers
Gunslinger's move
Touched the tarmac
Sport with wickets
LeBron James' team, now
Lacking pizzazz
Bald tire's lack
iPad-accessible diary
Super review
Response to "Got it?"
Go bargain-hunting
Cartoon skunk Le Pew
Malty brews
Prospector's find
Good at trickeryend
Prison staffer
Rib donor of scripture
"Instantly!" on a memo
Have no reason to debate
Score symbol
Many a "Hamlet" character
Merry "Messiah" composer?
Month with the longest day
Childhood roomie, often
Embossed cookie
Tiny Himalayan land
Colorful cereal brand
Admit no more customers
Potassium-rich fruit
Luau entree
Derby track shapes
Carried, as by wind
Big fuss
Hackman of "The Firm"
Swiss coin
From the top
Dispenser at a reception
Refrigerated aisle
Just out of the shower
Salon workers
Marchers' exercises
Links rentals
Sulky puller's pace
Came to a stop
Sunni Triangle land
Hot stone massage site
Bad, like a "dad joke"
Load of Valentine blooms?
Radioer's "Your turn"
Floor space figure
Hitch in secret
Stiffeners for 41-Across
Garden eyesore
Does data entry, say