September 15 2021, Universal

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___ story (sad-sounding tale)
Nutty confection
Layered pasta dish
Something in your cart
Make a visit
Notable span
Was surrounded by wavy lines, in a comic
Party attendees
___ Lingus
Start of a letter to a longtime advice columnist
Thumbs-down votes
More like sea salt than iodized salt
Like the wolf in a fairy tale
Regarding, in a memo
"Regarding, in a memo" or "Counterbalances"
Enjoyed a buffet
Big name in boots
"You're it!"
Certain column in the paper
Like freshly cut grass
Dad joke, e.g.
Sauce for fettucine
"Has the meeting started?"
Change the hue of
Inquire nosily
Broad neckties
Kind of acid in fertilizers
Stick (to)
Make amends
Shuffles around aimlessly, say
Words before and after "is" test subject
Spiral-cut meat
___ Altos, California
Join together
"War and Peace," for one
Not well-lit
One giving a speech
___ or false
Music genre associated with black eyeliner
*Completely immoral supervisor?
Financing letters
Metallic fabric
Bad throw at a casino
Like the wolf in a fairy tale
*Weaving instructor?
Points of view
Like some people who read closed captions
Tightly stretched
Vessels with spigots
*Some under-the-table flirting?
Maker of Thick & Fluffy waffles
Wyatt of the Wild West
Actress Sorkin
Closer, in a guessing game
*Evidently fake jewel?
Slippery, as a street
Pixar movie with talking vehicles
Sporty auto roof
Angel costume headwear
___-man band
Mess up ... and a hint to 17-, 24-, 36- and 50-Across
Lead role in "How I Met Your Mother"
Last number in many prices
"Am not!" response
Popular show letters
High cards in royal flushes
Yards' relatives