October 14 2021, Universal

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*Place where drinks aren't free
Costa ___
Warning sign
Went to the bottom
Team at Pittsburgh's Heinz Field
Analogues to ankles
It has a natural canal
Appointment book division
Handbag fastener
Improve the look of, presumably
More than
*One is stocked with bottles
Hide oneself
Workout units
"Ich bin ___ Berliner"
Article accompaniment, and a hint to each starred answer's location and missing word
*Long key
King of the underworld
Zeros' shapes
The Byrds and The Monkees
Like Biden, vis-a-vis Harris
*Where to enjoy grand entertainment?
Mouth-to-mouth pro
Cry from a lamb
Business attire
They can be bookmarked
Serves the party
What you may find under a sofa
Student taking an exam
Moisten during roasting
*Valuable ingot
Diva's performance
Colorado tributary
Where to see a map of stores
*Shallow water hazard
___ Lanka
*Goalpost connector
*House feature with a sink
*Prying tool
Prepare to hit, as in paintball
Part of a trolley track
___ Strauss
A deleted one may still be viewable
Name hidden in "air marshal"
Middle Eastern gulf
Neglected property, perhaps
Unintentionally reveals
"Billions" channel, briefly
Fifth Greek letter
Jazz genre
Stones in some hardscapes
___ Jones
Island near Java
Second or sixth president
Stroke gently
Comic actress Sykes
Boston NBA player, informally
Uber alternative
Oppressively heavy
Snaky curve
Accumulated charges
"All seats are full" letters
Support structurally
Spots with many parking spots
The scarlet letter and others
Metal sources
Iron oxide
Jeweled headwear
Dryer detritus
Stallion's father
Pompeo of "Grey's Anatomy"
*Chewy, fruity snack
*Neckwear accessory
*Ranch location?