March 15 2019, Universal

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Hello Kitty's home country
Best effort, slangily
Different version of a song
"OMG haha!"
Jewish greeting: Var.
Part of A.D.
Cinnamon ___ Crunch
Lose your marbles
Growling-stomach feeling
Earth tones
Author Silverstein
What rolls around a lot?
Family pooch
Christopher Robin's creator
Xenon or zirconium
Thai money
Trying hard
Taken-back auto
Not much, as of skin cream
Part on stage
Occasion for cake, informally
TripTik org.
Got rid (of)
Hulk's feeling
Doing an operative's job
Bottled up, as emotions
Punches hard
Reason for a correction
Thorny flowers
Taj Mahal city
Shakespeare or Pound
Somewhat, in music
Zeus' mother
Fish eggs
Tip receptacle
Future J.D.'s exam
They float around Hogwarts
Mature, as wine
Toddler's boo-boo
*Spanish city frequented by Hemingway
Vague response to "Where are you?"
Parisian girlfriend
*Entertainment center?
Electric dart gun
Capitol cover
Former Milky Way competitor
Ann ___, Michigan
Had brunch, say
*Viper and Durango seller
Pie ___ mode
Somalia-born supermodel
Likely will, after "is"
"Single Ladies" singer's fan army
Perfect places
Paul of "Mad About You"
*Genius Bar locale
Infamous Roman emperor
Skilled in
Different types of them are associated with each starred answer
Say from memory
___ Sabe
Fawn's mother
Made amends
Not just fill
They pass as you age: Abbr.