June 12 2019, Universal

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Intel gatherer
Aquarius' zodiac opposite
Dean's email address ender
Most risky
Leader of India's Salt March
Cry of dread
Broadway brightener
___ the Great (boy detective)
Blog's revenue source, perhaps
Plumbers' probes
Float path
It's a sin
Coachella blasters
Jenga structure
Actress Dahl or Francis
Dangerously unpredictable sort
Horace poems
Chocolate substitute
Author Zora ___ Hurston
Popular Creole dish
Cool and distant
Difficult spots for golfers
Workbench attachment
Sunny von ___ ("Reversal of Fortune" role)
Turned red
Very confused
___ prof.
Ram's gender
Con game
Green "pet"
Petroleum giant
SEP plan
December 24 or 31
"The Crying Game" star Stephen
Apt last answer
Winter coaster
"Never ___ Give You Up"
Mani's partner
Coming up
Billionth: Prefix
Start of a quip
"No more for me"
A, to a rabbi
Didn't have enough
Quip: Part II
Swiss mathematician who nearly went blind
Future fish
Hi-___ monitor
"Let's go, Gabriela!"
Lord's Prayer start
Worst Yelp review
Baggins of the Shire
Quip: Part III
Prenatal test, for short
Go downhill fast?
End of the quip (which should be spoken aloud!)
Blackthorn fruit
Bring up
"I can't ___!"
Be inclined