July 22 2021, Universal

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Idris in "The Wire"
Social equal
Take ___ account
Looks after a manx, maybe
Alphabetically first mo.
Tea served with a thick straw
Prepare, as coffee
Bitterly regret
Off-roader, for short
Incumbent's goal
Tribe with a namesake Great Lake
Bar mitzvah or baptism
Fish that are snaky
No longer exists
Vehicle in a Mario racing game
Sometimes-pulpy drinks, for short
___ chi
One might be attached to a Lab
Make up on the spot
Terra-___ (certain clay)
Olympian Walsh Jennings
Short comedy act
Obama health law: Abbr.
Pizza roll brand in an "SNL" sketch
Limbs attached to trunks
Make a macrame
___ mater
Send out
"Well, well!"
"Return of the Jedi" critter that's never named in the movie
Jay in the Television Hall of Fame
Member of Grindr's audience
(Check this out!)
Barely passing grade
Driver's licenses, e.g.
Mike and ___
Cool to the max
U.S. soccer legend Wambach
More uncommon
Grammy winner Horne
Face mask target
Spots for womb mates
Came up
They punch holes in hides
"Parasite" co-star Syun-kun
Word after "whole" or "sour"
Na and Cl-, for two
Start over on
Web cache?
Massachusetts' Cape ___
"Tik Tok" singer
Bhagavad ___ (Hindu text)
Name that anagrams to "trio"
"... when one's mind is made up, this diminishes ___" (Rosa Parks)
Hyperthyroidism doc
Major stir
Know Your ___ (database of internet phenomena)
Cover with grease
Dished (out)
"Nothing's broken"
Place value position next to tens
Remains at church during Lent?
Wee child
Separate, as plastics and glass