July 13 2019, Universal

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Beginning on
Taco filler
Dairy farm animal, to a toddler
Lies next to
Makes a burrow
Biblical verb ending
"A Doll's House" playwright Henrik
"In Search of Lost Time" novelist
Subtitle of an encyclopedia's first volume, maybe
Corporate image
Over again
Help prevent
More risque
Friend of Hamlet
Spanish toast
Old enough
Encouragement to a shy child
Line of repartee
Superhero who fights Skeletor
Muse of love poetry
Indian prince
App component sometimes pronounced like "gooey": Abbr.
Go wrong
Cunning trick
Early Germanic people
Closet pests
"Aladdin" co-star ___ Scott
Angler's target
Rihanna album with the hit "Work"
Beehive State natives
Ran away
"Subject" or "object," at times
Pronoun for a jenny
Bit of skin cream
"That ___ my day!"
Antelope with curved horns
Posthumous bio
Humanitarian Clara
*Bucks for a buck's partner?
Curly, for one
They follow from causes
*Adornment on a boyfriend's gift?
How-___ (certain guides)
Straight, flush and straight flush
*"Well, ply that needle!"
Choice if you don't like the listed choices
Way off
Building support
Victorian ___
Put (down)
Domestic helpers, or this puzzle's starred answers?
Not min., in music
"I hate that!"
Disorderly crowd member
Certain believer
Respectful address
*Sign prohibiting Japanese drama?
"We ___ please!"
*Imaginary enemy?
Makes thicker, as one's wallet
Excited about something
*Plumlike fruit that's late to ripen?
Rotten eggs produce one
Prefix related to semi- and demi-
Solar power source
Greets the villain
Prepare for publication