July 12 2019, Universal

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Cyrillic USSR
___ Nostra
Leave surreptitiously
Pitchfork-shaped Greek letter
Hunk of marble
Husk-wrapped food
"Charlotte's Web" girl
Activity for four couples
Regatta activity
River through Nebraska
Candy rapper?
One of Queen Elizabeth II's homes
Got up
Speaker speaker
Crisp green apple
Candle count, often
Noncommercial TV spot
Resistance unit
"As if!"
Tweeter's qualifier
Hairstyles literally featured in 3-, 8-, 14- and 24-Down?
Word repeated before "black sheep"
"... have you ___ wool?"
Versatile blackjack card
Novel alluded to in "Don't Stand So Close to Me"
Picket line crossers
Olympic swimmer Dara
Milan fashion house
Sandwich cut
Pub purchases
___ Williams bourbon
Saskatchewan tribe
Sinister literary Mr.
Turn the other way
Former Texas Governor Richards
Includes on an email
Wash. winter hours
Photographer's setting
Cabbage side
Emily Procter procedural set in Florida
Big ___ (former Red Sox nickname)
A-peel-ing fruit
Olympic skater Midori
"Gemini Man" director Lee
"Bad" cholesterol letters
Heat vision or mind reading
Language suffix
Played a practical joke involving yolks
Spiritual healer
Nitrous ___
Brenneman of "The Leftovers"
Rhyming nickname for Obama
Schedule placeholder: Abbr.
Bit of funny business
At another museum, perhaps
Actor Keach
A state of matter
Patient's share of a bill
Apple-pie making discards
"Patience ___ virtue"
Big game
Prepare for war
Earth's middle layer
Foot fraction
Copacabana's country
Where you may find a vacant seat on a flight
You must be 30 to join it
Flowed (from)
Expresses regret, perhaps
Country lodge