January 15 2022, Universal

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Put down
Playing a tie-breaking quarter, briefly
Way off
"Don't think so"
Welcomed into the family
Single goblet squat
Horseshoe-shaped Greek letter
Sing "Doo-bee doo-bop," perhaps
66, for one
Sophocles tragedy after which a Freudian concept was named
Moderate horse gait
Works like a dog
Opposite of ENE
Adam's apple locale?
Collections for genetic testing
Like always
Get up
Great Lakes mnemonic
Flows back
Glitter often makes one
"That so?"
Sticks (out)
Cash advance
Tallest freestanding structure in the Western Hemisphere
Jewelry boxes?
Gasteyer of "Lady Dynamite"
Game nearly everyone loses
Linzer ___ (fruit pastry)
"In that case ..."
Drink that might be served with cake rusk
The "T" in STEM, informally
Take it easy
Deep wound
Field of study
Home on a Wingspan card
Period that might be named for a president
"Ain't No Mountain High Enough" singer
Underlying cause
Onslaught of both real and fake news
Skin care or printing product
Daytime TV drama
Throat malady, for short
"Wise up!"
It might be spilled, in more ways than one
"___ No More" (immersive theater production)
Had the guts
Cuts down
Sing with your mouth closed
Embezzlement, e.g.
Draw the short straw
Yours and mine
"Makes sense to me"
Precedent-setting trials
Roofing goo
Back talk
Addition to a building
Disney film whose remake stars Liu Yifei
Big bang source?
By its very nature
The Phantom of the Opera's instrument
Wind instrument that Lizzo plays
"This is our destination!"
What F6 and F8 might represent on ticket stubs
All of the leads in "Ocean's 8," e.g.
Munch Museum city
"So relatable!"