February 11 2019, Universal

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Monk's superior
Pop star Mars
Typical Stan Lee part
Put on Craigslist, say
Settlers of Catan mineral
Cotillion participant, for short
Fast Amtrak train
Control the wheel
Ann Landers, e.g.
Italian for "three"
Often-headless statue
Like some bonds
Filing worker
Indonesian island
Texter's "I'm shocked!"
Petri dish gel
Norse trickster god
Weaving device
Award for Malala Yousafzai
Secretly email
"___ the ramparts ..."
NASCAR additive
"Reward" for helping others
"Warcraft" brute
Hippie's trip drug
And others: Abbr.
Olden days
Joeys' parents, informally
"I finally get it!"
De ___ (from the top)
Cuban smoke
Eat away
Leave alone
Travel around the world?
Brain prefix
Did 5 6, say
Simple question type
Sheared females
"___ the season ..."
Turn quickly
A Gabor, when doubled
"The Bachelor" network
7UP and Sprite
Top story
Nursing garment
Standing tall
What Saint Bernards do
Plump stinger
Jules of sci-fi
NBA All-Star Shaquille
First of 13 same-named popes
Round Table title
Hammer, for one
First thing in the morning?
Drummer Starr
Nat ___ Wild
Heckling sound
Wine barrel trees
"The Nose" author Nikolai
Many TMZ headlines
Minotaur's home
Repetitive condition, for short
Pie ___ mode
Boxing match division
Snapchat devices
Red in the middle, say
2018 crime drama flop
Popular jargon ... or a hint to 17-, 25-, 39- and 50-Across
"Mad Men" trade, informally
Maya Angelou's "And Still ___"
Robinson teammate Pee Wee
Frat party wraps
"Much ___ About Nothing"