August 5 2019, Universal

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Somewhat fresh
Muse of astronomy
Produced, as quarters
"Without a doubt!"
Letters on an envelope
A marathon winner breaks it
Norse god for whom Wednesday is named
Right-hand page
Nickname for Josephine
Related (to)
Diana of "The Avengers"
Lawn mower's path
Japanese martial art
Attack on a walled city
Moving about
Move effortlessly
Big-eyed bird
Brazilian metropolis, informally
Police rank: Abbr.
Arizona-to-Kansas dir.
Spending limit
SoCal's Santa ___ Freeway
Sch. in Manhattan
Pretended to have a flush, say
Mustache remover
Like italic type
___ Del Fuego
Mostly backless top
Numbered golf clubs
Shortened word in some high school names
Small stream
Give the once-over twice, perhaps
The year 2002
Small matter?
"The Deuce" network
Feeling nothing
Penn or Pitt
Many miles away
Buffalo's lake
Collaborative site
Seeks desert orchard employment?
Around for a festival, say
Word on a city limits sign
Tower of Mangia's Italian city
___-stop shopping
"I've ___!" ("Aargh!")
Some are revolving
Offshore hairpiece production site?
Red Bull recyclable
Admit to a college
Parcel of real estate
Query to a committee on naval incarceration?
Former "American Idol" judge Abdul
Poetic "previous to"
Reusable diaper material
Weapon with a Hebrew name
She sings "I Feel Pretty" in "West Side Story"
According to routine
Where Rover might stay over
Manipulate a boxing match the second it's announced, say?
Vogue competitor
Weeper of Greek myth
French 101 infinitive
Former "American Idol" judge Cowell
Like a close friend