April 15 2019, Universal

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Chinese nut
Jazz fan?
Beats it
"___ she blows!"
Send another way
Cleans up, as writing
Chest muscles, briefly
Be a busybody
Hybrid on the range
Prefix for "perspirant"
"It's ___ lucky day!"
Shoppe descriptor
OPEC member
Creep (along)
Bank-protecting org.
Short jackets
Greg Evans comic strip
007, e.g.
Drink sold in pints
"Walking on Thin Ice" singer Yoko
"___ Rosenkavalier"
"And how!"
That sow
Blvd. relative
Called the shots
One often ends up in hot water
Campus building
Fareed on CNN
"Don't bet ___!"
Dawn goddess
Uses, as a hammock
Halvah ingredient
1938 Physics Nobelist Enrico
Elite Navy group
Song such as "Shallow"
Not deceived by
Russia's ___ Mountains
Filly or colt
FedEx rival
Couples massage site
It's often mistaken for love
Gym set
Heron habitat
What many wool socks do
Original sin garden
___ Gay
Actress Reid
Puerto ___
Practice piece
1981 running film (letters 4-6: 2011 macaw film)
Prosciutto, for one
Greek N's
Downtown make-out sesh, e.g.
Beetle or butterfly
1968 roommate film (letters 9-10: 2009 balloon film)
Flawless ring?
"The Matrix" hero
Roll call calls
1997 space horror film (letters 5-8: 2011 thunder god film)
Suez Canal's southern end
Furry sitcom E.T.
Go downhill fast?
Two-film showings, or a hint to this puzzle's theme
"Space Is the Place" bandleader
Big laugh
Cubs legend Sammy
Rose part
French Sudan, today
Isle such as Bikini
"Casablanca" heroine