March 15 2019, Thomas Joseph

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Secure, as a climbing rope
Building directory site
Muscat native
Pigeon's perch
Court event
Take a stab at
Like corsets
Freud topic
"Well, that's obvious!"
UFO pilots
Fake duck
Young one
Excellent, in slang
Arab leader
Director Preminger
Blow up
Ivy League student
Wise words
Patisserie array
Politician Lott
Listens to
Track trials
Ran off
Come into view
Excalibur's bestower
Director Lee
Give up
Fastened, in a way
Shrek, for one
Venice nickname
Model's asset
Puppy sounds
Vid. counterpart
Low digit
Corp. VIP
Striped female
Gooey treat
Beer bash need
Natural gift
Lyric poets
Comb components
Like some wines
"Right you —!"