April 8 2019, Thomas Joseph

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Lends a hand
Turn away
Slangy denial
Sorceress of Greek myth
Invitation to a hitchhiker
Weary sigh
Poem of praise
Corned beef dish
Young hooters
Zodiac ram
Party prep
Cover, as expenses
Skin woe
Had bad posture
Phone download
Dogsled command
Ecuador's capital
Fable fellow
Writer Sinclair
Grill waste
Politician Kefauver
Deli meat
Second person
Went first
Celery serving
Some puzzles
Hatchet's cousin
Obsessed with
Placed down
"Auld Lang —"
Herring's kin
Stallion's mate
"Like that'll happen!"
Sports seating
Went fast
Sockeye and coho
Second person
Grammar topic
Blue hue
Young seals
Low digit
Used a chair
Low digit
Score amts.