November 12 2021, Penny Dell - Medium

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Fish flipper
Journalist Couric
Tall spar
Pretty Gardner
Bad smells
Title holder
Adult chaps
Social strata
Copter kin
High regard
Hairy primate
Grant, to Lee
Patriotic letters
Nursery finds
Hit the waves
Arrow paths
Forbid by law
Haim ox
Pocket bread
Traffic sign
Piece (out)
Being risked: 2 wds.
Tell untruths
Frame: 2 wds.
Yale grads
Time period
Dock rodent
Recipe verb
Flattened circle
Author Uris
Gumbo pod
Similar to: 2 wds.
"____ no joke!"
Be beholden
Dangerous fly
Moral value
Of yore
Black tea
Spinet, for example
keys 72. Purge (of)
Grass locale
Wet, slapping sound
Covert agent
Fortune's mate
Singer Burl
Massachusetts resort
Asian pennisula
Batman portrayer West
Shipping unit
Tick off
Op-ed piece
Sulk about
Boring tool
Mix-up: slang
Choir part
Coral growth
Road curve
Chi follower
Makes lace
Winning: 3 wds.
Glide on snow
Senate votes
Heartless cad
Took the bait
Harsh liquids
Dad, to some
Skyscraper transports
Pisa cash, once
Store bargain
Alan of TV
Young goat
Big coffeepot
AAA service
Chico's cheer
Speech defect
Ms. Merman
Japanese city
Playing for ____
Broad necktie
"____ sesame!"
Rocker Turner
Faux pas
Rapids swirl
Employ oars
Helpful hint
Actor Linden