May 17 2020, Penny Dell - Medium

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Norse epic
Cashless exchange
Mr. Griffin
Historic period
Mover's truck
Concert highlight
Nick of Hollywood
Hrs." costar 16. "Rhoda" mom
Pull apart
Ever since: 2 wds.
Fable author
Trial: 2 wds.
Nora's dog
Chico's cheer
Carry on (business)
Defense group
Spa offering
Brief letter
Don't believe
Tibetan priest
"Who ____ they?"
Diva Ross
Father, to a filly
Feel sorry
Label words
Most accurate
Peaceful protest: hyph. wd.
demonstration: hyph. wd. 49. Bloom origin
"I knew it!"
Combat flier
Drive forward
Ogden's state
____ diem
Glides on the water
Tokyo sport
Lady chickens
Fencing foil
House on high
Ms. Gardner
Ladle (out)
Pack predator
Play segment
Game bird
Occur after
Passport endorsements
Big bustle
Rug pile
Woody's son
Sicily peak
Dorothy's pet
Vacation isle
Off yonder
Derive (from)
Brunch brew
Cruel emperor
Prayer closer
Bath bars
Bub: slang
Get smaller
Creditor's claim
He loved Lucy
Was litigious
Spud, to some
Movie spools
Falls (over)
Really enjoy: 2 wds.
Bring dishonor to
Nevada lake
Drain of energy
Solid H2O
Make a cobweb
Siren West
Treat meanly