December 10 2018, Penny Dell - Medium

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Giddy joy
Plow attachment
Closed tightly
Burglar's bane
Correct (text)
Garr of Hollywood
____ pants, 1960s fashion
Drink garnish
Great ire
Bard's word
Aswan's river
Laughed loudly
Imitate a rodent
Quill fill
Had a strong craving
Put together
Rifle firings
Tavern brew
Opie's pop
Pretty flower
Wheel part
Distort the facts
Write by hand
Firm and fresh
Milan residents
Cutting tool
Came to rest
Hard to move
Pear variety
Unnecessary fuss
Cult hero
Mime, maybe
Bunk position
Ore shaft
Hidden valley
Singer Cara
Hive insects
"Jane ____," classic novel
Throw (out)
Fierce stare
Tuxedo flap
Make bloopers
"Garfield" canine
Ms. Basinger
Infinite time
Soda sippers
Receive sound
Basic impulse
Dead even
High cards
Tick off
Rowing poles
Wedding-bouquet flower
Sheet costume?
Dilutes (varnish)
Metered cab
Museum wings
Far down
Indonesian isle
Army section
Creative concept
Holy figure
Removal of water
Open space
Jumbled heap
Current's path
Tureen dippers
Moines header
VCR inserts
Idyllic spots
Painfully tender
Swing support
TV's Falco
Tops: 2 wds.
Bar drink
Paper thickness
In favor of