August 29 2020, Penny Dell - Medium

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Norwegian city
Be literate
Achy spots
Landing dock
A Guthrie
Eat away
Jai ____, sport
Nile dweller, briefly
Risky bet: 2 wds.
Puffs up
Cake-frosting specialist
Hebrew prophet
Warning sound
Merlin, for example
Famous barbarian
Thick piece
Chico's cheer
Army truant
Rub off
Stir to anger
Papa sheep
Praise highly
Sub sellers
Fancy dessert
Leer at
Already planted
Arizona Amerind
Japanese poem
Novelist Victor
Brass blast
Pilgrim John
Mineral finds
Sicilian peak
Sting sharply
Model's stance
"Doe, a ____ ..."
Whitish gem
Rural sight
Jack Sprat's preference
Sin modifier
Joseph's mom
Faux pas
Often: 2 wds.
Medic: slang
Tom of TV
Baltimore pro
Italia's capital
Amend (copy)
Complete kits
Look quickly at
Knight's contest
Make afraid
Ames native
Dwarflike being
Oil source
____ Island, NYC immigration center
Della of song
Got back together
Easter activity: 2 wds.
Porch chair
Very wise men
Cries of glee
Hand part
Opera title
Pisa dough?
Jotted memo
Used up
Cast leader
School dance