April 3 2020, Penny Dell - Medium

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Robe tie
Give the ____
Sound rebound
Even exchange
Warm fabric
Concur (with)
Shore avian
Sign of sorrow
Perceived visually
Become wet
"Lucky" numbers
Billing sharer
Chico's cheer
Mythical king
Greek letter
Rabbit hunter
Weighed down (with)
Game official
Hairy primate
Esau's brother
Edible seed
Railroad porter
Grips (hands)
That chap's
Chimney muck
Wreck: slang
Filled pastry
Sir ____ Guinness
Rock" star Baldwin 58. Wading bird
Pianist Peter
Netlike cloth
Rid of impurities
Slugger Sammy
National League MVP 65. "Li'l ____," Al Capp comic
Famed lioness
Bicycle saddle
Pasture unit
Former Mets stadium
Having a rough voice
Gazes fixedly
Gaseous element
Boat canvas
Beach cooler
Born as
Uses a broom
Nobleman's title
Actress Skye
Offered an excuse
Cozy spot
Dove calls
Leaf through
To date: 2 wds.
Wed in haste
Sea swallows
Devoured: 2 wds.
River crafts
Bub: slang
Bride's words
Society girl
Pool circuits
County prison
Ballroom dance: hyph. wd.
Doozy: slang
Creepy Chaney
Immediately: 2 wds.
Laddies' caps
Faux butter
Ms. Trueheart
Tender meat
Commits blunders
Heroic Parks
Gym amenity
Washing vat