January 28 2021, Penny Dell - Easy

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Woodwind instrument
Nevada neighbor
Have bills to pay
Lima's land
The girl's
More attractive
Article in a newspaper
Curtain-holding poles
Not as snug
Cook in fat
Fasten (a knot)
In the manner of: 2 wds.
Occupied a recliner
Sounds of pain
After-lunch repose
Pacino and Gore
Backyard tree
Caps for Parisians
Cafe handout
Opera by Verdi
Mr. Torme
Dorothy's dog
Far from difficult
Leg bone
Give the impression
Have the deed to
Ghost's greeting
Mine find
Sign up
____ lip, mustache site
School semester
Have being
Humble home
Toledo's location
Unwanted plant
Goes astray
Swarmed (with)
Kudrow of "Friends"
Like some exams
Feedbag bits
Fish flipper
Took it easy
Kilt wearer's topper
An English queen
"The ____ of the Mohicans"
Monkey-house dwellers
Rubs out pencil marks
Not in
Plains herd animal
Business note
God's garden
Cleopatra's waterway
Not in favor of
Of that thing
Aah's sidekick
Daisy ____, Li'l Abner's girlfriend
Workout locale