September 22 2021,

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Healthful resort
Tennis star Rafael
Took a photo of
Fraction of a day
Suspect's cover story
Toy brick brand
Interstellar region
Deserve to receive
Codes of conduct
Helps do the dishes
Incoming plane stat.
First part of a two-part turn
Hard-to-escape predicament
Annoying person
Cylindrical sandwiches
Smoked salmon
Complains loudly
Not quite a half-dozen
Nest egg acronym
Trumpets and bugles
At any time
Source of conflict between societies
Take it easy
Barnyard bird
Barnyard beast
Ties up to a pier
College eatery
Coin in Cannes
Employment opportunity
Got taller
Justice Kagan
Ripped (up)
Professional trade org.
Ragged and untidy
Actor Danson
Small store
Showroom vehicle
Daytona 500 organization
Purina alternative
Clock face
The basics
False story
Santa's transportation
Unruly pile
Mythical monster
Lots and lots
Makeup exams
Go bad
Clever people
Closes, as some coats
Of vision
India's first prime minister
In the know
Come with
Lightweight modeling wood
Salad oil source
Enjoys very much
Put forth, as effort
Needing patching
React to yeast
Gradations of color
Tossed (away)
Settle up in advance
Grabbed lunch
Prefix meaning ''huge''
What we own together
Metallic rocks
Brown soft drink
Assist in a crime
Typeface selection
It's very funny
Concerning, in a memo
Stored to improve
Taxiing vehicle