September 16 2020,

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__ Allan Poe
Spiced tea from India
''No more talk!''
La __ (Milan music venue)
Chopped down
Purina alternative
One living near the Leaning Tower
Historical periods
Pack away, as luggage
Police officers on an Interstate
Colleague of Fidel
In addition
High principles
City marathon participants
In a bus with the band
Prez on Mount Rushmore
Byte prefix meaning ''billion''
British singer of ''Skyfall''
Dylan or Hope
''Evita'' surname
German philosopher Marx
Cruise or Hanks
Sculptor or painter
Cattle drive leaders
Term of endearment from one man to another
Do something
Attention-getting shout
Hot-dog cart operators
''That's my cue!''
Beer's foam
Gave as an example
Letterman nickname
Cause to want to scratch
Soprano's performance
What mask holes are for
London neighborhood
Suburban yards
Sixth sense, for short
601, in Roman numerals
Type of home furnace
Jai __
Sounded right
Mull over
Mrs. Zeus
Not at home
Influence creatively
Prefix for violet
Holder for thread
Coyote cries
Typical TV drama length
Certain website pop-ups
Frog sound
Mazda competitor
GI Joe or Barbie
Actress Watts or singer Judd
Roll back, as the tide
One-pot meal with mutton
Pay a visit to
Likely to fidget
Snake that squeezes
Diplomatic ritual
''Take a taste''
Common exam choices
Election Day in the USA
Crow's nest cry
Single record's lesser song
''Be that as __ . . .''
Orange orchard
Trait carriers
Governor's rejection
Per unit
Kelly of daytime TV
Ending for north or west
Courtroom VIPs