October 9 2019, NewsDay.com

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Well-mannered woman
Any sports contest
Tunnel sound
Ram in the zodiac
Cupid alias
Raindrop sound
Defeated one's comment
Remind too often
High-tech light
I, O or U
Urban districts
IHOP rival
Make recommendations to
Dec. follower
__ in the neck (pest)
South Korea's capital
Doze (off)
Bring very near
The S of RSVP
Clickable picture
Get dressed, with ''up''
Autumn flowers
Nut that sounds like a sneeze
Narrow cuts
In combat
Dutch cheese
Some laptops, for short
''There's the door!''
Eccentric one
Worry (about)
Phi Beta __
Federally issued IDs
Intense anger
Home in a tree
Mowed area
Opera performance
Minor fender damage
''For sure!''
Large water birds
Van Gogh hangout
Tie up, as a boat
Double-curve shape
HP rival in printers
Class comedian
Comfy and cozy
German autos
Flies alone
Mare's flowing hair
In equal shares
__ oxide (ointment ingredient)
Smear on
Tablet downloads
Spanish surrealist
Perfume bottle
Billy who sings ''Piano Man''
Deliver a 2 Down
End of UCLA's URL
Unwanted scent
Bears' homes
Diner or café
Blizzard, essentially
Tends tots
Office helper
Corn supporter
Big barrels
One of the Musketeers
Theatrical faint
Eagles' cousins
More angry
Strong and healthy
Wise advisor
Vatican leader
Coffee containers
Slightly awry