October 17 2020, NewsDay.com

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Spa service
Payment for back bacon
Iraq, in summer 1990
Lentil cousin
Didn't act
Bear's tail
Its blog has many travel tips
Internal motivation
Malory magician
World leader called a ''grey-bunned grandmother''
UK's #2 financial center
Sports __
Create for oneself, with ''out''
Piles on
OK to drive
Name atop a ''. . . Pi'' poster
Onetime title for DDE
Very far from fine
Iron clothing
Asia's highest major city
What a mattress may be made of
Symbol of Big Apple baseball
Biopic with Malcolm X and Dr. King
Clear away
Get close to, in quantity
Something seen on the road
Secret thing since the '50s
Call for help
Rhea and some relatives
Latin word for ''shoulder''
Put at risk
Its DC museum had a 2020 Gilded Age Fashions exhibit
Day cited in ''The Lives of the Twelve Caesars''
Baler twine
Cause precipitation
Cell letters
Border of the Balkans
''Listen here, kid . . .''
Glasslike stuff in concrete
''Something different'' starter
Equestrian garments
Apt to wear
Caught through craftiness
Line workers, for short
-able cousin
''Oh, brother!''
Step down
Daniel Day-Lewis' Poet Laureate pop
Grant for Peace presenter since 2002
UK detective group
Low-tech security device
''Out of Africa'' scene
Antonym of ''abbreviate''
Marketing software
Letters on a log-in keyboard key
Cell activator
Restraining order
Tiki culture mainstays
With skepticism
Hamlet's fencing opponent
Put to the test
Capital northeast of Warsaw
Late spring/early summer tag phrase
Went on
Cause to expect
Man or woman into renewable energy
Confessional numbers
Cruise America rentals