May 4 2021,

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Measures for land parcels
Not at all colorful
Grandfather clock signal
Wish for
Money in Italy and France
Career soldier
Ancient Peruvian
Large quantity (of)
Cold as ICE in personality
Ring, as church bells
Strong craving
Speck of land in an ocean
''Antiques Roadshow'' network
Post office purchase
Very angry
Slugger's stat: Abbr.
Wiped clean
Keeping a situation on ICE
Two less than penta-
Stand in good __ (be useful)
Customary practice
Prescription, for short
Person, place, or thing
Very angry
Serb or Bulgarian
On thin ICE
Prefix for final or circle
Count in a quintet
Florida Gulf city
__ FOR BUSINESS (store door sign)
Blizzard stuff
Landlord's income
Financial profits
Human rights org.
Goatee's location
Repeated musical phrase
Manicurist's __ board
Weekly TV program
Exact copy
What's placed in a mitten
Detach, as a brooch
In dire straits
Reign over
What soup is served in
Lure into wrongdoing
Italy's former money
Pop, as a bubble
Committed robbery
''Six-pack'' muscles
Catchers' gloves
Just like me
Feeling antsy
Double-__ sword
Beach house's selling point
Baffling puzzle
Make over
Nest-egg acronym
Not ready to harvest
Label placed on cattle
Willing to do
Prince William's mother
Taxpayer IDs
Low in fat
Armory stockpile
Smooth out
Prefix meaning ''all''
''Once __ a time . . .''
Expresses orally