May 22 2020,

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Author Calvino
Light touches
Glaswegian, for instance
Ski lodge serving
Jai __
Start of Churchill's definition of a fanatic
Former UN member
Hawthorne nickname
Israeli-made weapon
Mailing label phrase
Buttonhole, e.g.
Part 2 of definition
Old-timey term of affection
Vast quantity
Italian Almighty
Come about
Literary twist
Any of 18 Louises
Parting word
Nursery rhyme starter
Part 3 of definition
Sort of salad
It's south of Denver on I-25
Sad sound
Extreme irritation
Ancient Andean
End of definition
Boulogne's being
First shepherd
Big fan
Seating level
Revered figures
Of chords and keys
Vinegar, mostly
It's soon after Nyack in a geographical dictionary
Stand-up comic's concern
Shade close to khaki
Basic figure-skating movement
Betray discomfort
Point of a crescent
Brewery oven
Stratospheric gas
1770s mercenary
'70s gag gift
Hail at sea
Use a fan on, say
''We Shall Overcome'' phrase
''Pinta'' partner
Defiant query
Toon traveler
Keynesian's sci.
Julius Caesar foe
What towels might become
Marshy inlet
Houston Comet or Vegas Ace
Annoying inconvenience
Moved like a moon
Humble answer to ''Nice job, folks''
Crusty creations
Common Biblical follower of ''said''
Shade close to khaki
Vintner's amts.
Streamer since 2015
Neurology test: Abbr.
''Regular'' guy