March 26 2020,

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''Look __ now!''
Julio's home
One in a cast
Healthful husks
Cry of concern
Thick, as fog
''__ better believe it!''
Theta follower
Largest Greek island
Sequel to ''The Absent-Minded Professor''
Something comparable
PBS ''Science Kid''
Hectic lifestyle
Shooting sport
Isn't oneself
Confessional admission
Human Resources department
Feline constellation
Nothing other than
Tools with teeth
Enrolled in the service
USAF officer
Very small
Mixing up
Morning eyeopener
Iranian faith
''Doctor Zhivago'' heroine
Pre-Euro money
What the three longest answers have in common
Airborne heroes
Env. info
Kvetchy phrase
Get out of town
Coin flip
Deep chasm
Band of Boy Scouts
Hawaiian word for ''mountain''
Supports publicly
Styled in a salon
Get __ of (obtain)
Annual DC speech
Whaler of literature
Corporate advancement
Round up
Calendar abbr.
Withdraw, with ''out''
Cereal crop
Brand-name corn chip
Deep singer
Vision correction acronym
Chilling at the table
Chromosome contents
One who's with you
Get away
New Hampshire city
Diminish by degrees
One of two of Henry's six
Memo taker
Tolkien hero
Fail completely
Highly risky
Jewel box
Be in accord
''In that case . . .''
Brainy bunch
Snowman in ''Frozen''
Salt, symbolically
Proclaim disapproval
Flexible quantity
Carpool lane designation