March 14 2019,

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Act down
Email feature
''C'mon, be __!''
Now-rare data storage format
Qatari ruler
Observe closely
Sneaker-box inclusion
Gaucho's gadget
Stuff for sale
Now-rare photo sharing equipment
Ben's bill
Significant stretches
Reverential feeling
Constant complainers
Time off, briefly
Largest human organ
Aspiring filmmaker's deg.
Laid out
Now-rare correspondence method
Gandhi's land
Bring in
Some soloists
Cuban dance
Funds for the future
Type of salmon
Now-rare navigation aid
Outermost part
Air pollution
Crafters' online marketplace
Fray, say
Rare dice roll
None other than
Marching-band rarity
Absorb, with ''up''
Blow one's top
''Andy Griffith Show'' kid
Log-in entry
Grand Tetons beast
New York neighbor
Accurately remembered
Terse admission
37 Across feature
School since 1701
Destructive son of Zeus
Open some
Major disruption
High-school math subject
Freshen up
Due (to)
Dollars for quarters
''Power Lunch'' airer
Shankar of sitar fame
Prefix for calling
Cash offers
''The Waltz King''
Brown's beagle
''Othello'' schemer
Cornfield measure
Pilfered goods
Gymnast Korbut
Huge-screen theater
Knock down
Big brutes
Scarcely any
Texter's ''Enough already''