June 30 2020, NewsDay.com

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''How clumsy of me!''
Chess or Scrabble
Full of lather
Operatic solo
Numbered musical work
Loosen, as shoelaces
Nashville's state: Abbr.
Chooses (to)
Red vegetables
Places to grab a frankfurter
Decline an offer
''I kid __ not''
Angry crowd
Extremely long time
Dedicate, as time
One more time
Right, on a map
Tiny bit
Starts doing something seriously
Barge __ (disturb)
''That's all there __ it!''
Paying careful attention
Soup legume
Datebook entry: Abbr.
Compass point opposite WNW
Orange pekoe, for instance
Lowest possible
Aggressive workers
Our natural satellite
Gather up, as a harvest
__ con carne
Not doing anything
Actress Stone or Watson
Toy truck maker
Golfer's pegs
Basketball cable channel
Sworn promise
Sandwich cookies
Ship of 1492
With a light brown surface, as a beach
Bit of baby talk
Downloadable programs
Mixed-breed dog
English assignment
Bring under control
Small bills
Center of a peach
''Of course!''
For hours __ (nonstop)
Acknowledge silently
Reindeer cousin
River-frolicking mammal
''Beauty and the __''
Current events
''Ho, ho, ho!'' guy
Perfume bottle
Bits of heredity
Make amends
More proper ''ain't''
Quit it
Ship carrying petroleum
Supply party food for
Rome's country, to natives
Wood-smoothing tools
Grant entrance to
See eye to eye
Appears to be
Chaplin's vagabond persona
Shell of a wrecked ship
Secret message
Donut center
Reach across, as a bridge
Play a part
''What person'' question
Fish's appendage