June 12 2019, NewsDay.com

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Fill with wonder
Platoon nickname
Jazz genre
Tribute in verse
Wedding shop array
False statement
Play's first part
Shiny finish
Tablet download
French father
Unpleasant-but-mandatory tasks
That guy
Hollow rock
Evil spirit
Wander aimlessly
Canceled, at NASA
Ancient artifact
Get set for a golf drive
Solemn pledge
Long-running soap opera
Musical staff symbol
Hockey surface
''Strange! Who knew?''
Door knock
Mardi Gras city nickname
Historic chapter
Ladies' rodeo wear
Dust-mop alternative
Right Guard rival
Rafters and girders
Grand __ Opry
Wet, as weather
Early synthetic fabric
''Waterloo'' singers
Bygone Ford make, informally
Just slightly
Astrological group
Energy Star org.
Many GM models
Greek war god
Slugger's stat
Ship's kitchen
Made certain
Bump hard
Garfield's dog buddy
Frat party beverage
Ran out, as a subscription
Maximum World Series game count
Violin pin
Would rather have
Olay competitor
Poet Dickinson
In a way
French farewell
Parliamentary proposal opening
Corporate images
What some plows move
'70s dance music
Flowers from bulbs
'60s diplomatic conflict
Snapshot, for short
Felt hat
Thin outer layer
Medal getter
Regular pay
Stagecoach driver's strap
Artist Warhol
Racetrack shape
VIP's vehicle
Special interest grp.
Hi-tech med. scan
Type of Wall St. takeover