February 14 2020, NewsDay.com

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Member of the 700 Club?
Racetrack service area
Four starters
Expression of discovery
Word from the Arabic for ''desert''
Juice name prefix
Ruler measure
Dance done to klezmer music
''. . . for __ know''
GPS heading
Hauls away
Quark-binding particle
It's not earning interest
Sports ''encore'' network
Early Cronkite employer
Stale, say
Friend of Fidel
Common Muslim name
Food that may be rolled
Title of the puzzle
Hunk of marble
Wire __ glasses
Lines of admiration
Result of electron loss
''Law and Order'' VIPs
Hurried tempo
Aerial battles
Bank (on)
Halloween costume accessory
Julius Caesar adversary
City center second home
Showing great enthusiasm
Nothing-to-it task
Chromosome determinant
Perks (up)
Latter-day nomads
It ends for RI in mid-fall
Cost, so to speak
Calms down
Inflation stat.
Purina alternative
Proposition to be proven
Beryllium bearer
49 Across setting
Explosive exclamation
It might have lunch
Places for traveling toddlers
Chain letters
Den member
''That's enough!'' text message
Dr Pepper retro brand
Slow time
Dramatic postscript
Upholsterer's amt.
Weak-willed one
Not to be repeated
Building's square feet
Kitchen cooker
Londoner's fast food
Old-style ''Got it, dude''
Science Kid of TV
Cable channel for renovators
Dramatic digressions
Got emotional, with ''up''
Right after this program
Publicizes or criticizes
Birds do it
Steady look
Tube top
It might be lunch
Angry feeling
Vietnamese New Year