December 4 2020,

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Ophthalmological acronym
Updike's short-story alter ego
Ersatz haircut shaper
Way weird
Bear in the air
Natural healer
Surface-to-air, part 1
Fathomless depth
What the tired often take
Fearful feeling
Surface-to-air, part 2
''Portrait of a Lady'' author
Parlor's production
Stem of the sea
Put a name to
Surface-to-air, part 3
Signore's sweetheart
Harangue someone
Family name in Nottingham
Multi-Oscar lyricist Cahn
Surface-to-air, part 4
Brief confirmation
Note beside G
Highly significant
Surface-to-air conclusion
Frequent pro tennis airer
Utah's __ Range
Irishwoman who's sung in 10 languages
Shark sound in ''Jaws''
Searched, with ''around''
Very much
Paranormal light
Legal stoppage
Sword-shaped bloom
Nairobi natives
Tuition recipient
Time to remember
Long-term success for CBS
'70s sci-fi guy
Main Street merchant
Pond's competitor
See-through glass
Mao successor
Rapper's pal
Part of West Virginia's border
Underground diggers
Record-setting activity
Extrasensory awareness
What Plato spelled his name with
Had the role of
Former USO Honorary Chairman
Underground diggers
Convinces to decide
Some made-in-Mexico SUVs
Play that introduced ''robot''
Southern __ (Selleck's school)
Take quickly and eagerly
Anthem excerpt
See 59 Down
Reddish brown
Subdivision section
Crème brûlée cousin
Averse to activity
Muse of history
Large portion of yarn
Hold 'em ritual
Principal part
With 45 Down, watches Spot, say
Pelican State sch.
PD transmission