December 26 2018,

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Lose fur
Bank conveniences: Abbr.
Not on a tilt
Make ready, for short
Iron __ (rust)
Natural balm
__ colada (cocktail)
Dorian Gray creator
Multipurpose ointment
Visual artistic sense
Media mogul Turner
Neck of the woods
Urban GPS lines
Bovine chew
Type of coat fastener
Give a speech
Be in debt
Wildlife refuges
Network founded by Turner
Take a siesta
Most minimal
Causes of personality clashes
Web page pop-ups
Sales receipt figure
Blog entry
Family reunion group
Quarterback Manning
Created trouble for oneself
Capital on the Nile
Locket shape
''I'm up for it!''
Prepare a cuff for sewing
Was generous
Sore spot
Poker hand fees
Small bills
Proofreader's ''don't delete''
Hexagon or pentagon
Needing darning
Overdo it on stage
Stags and fawns
Orchard harvest
Took a stab at
Café window posting
Junk e-mail
Now at a discount
Pennsylvania university
Swirling current
Director Ang
Riverbank frolickers
Green gemstones
Alphabetic trio
Gives a darn
Lone Star State sch.
Impresses a lot
Irksome one
In olden days
Sounded loudly
Went fast
Part of FDR
Tickle pink
Tyrannosaurus __
''You got that right!''
Lady and Lord, e.g.
Timetable listings
DVD player button
Wood-shaping tool
''Don't need anything else''
Cancelled, as a launch
__ the Terrible (Russian czar)
Word of lament
Expert on IRS regulations