August 13 2019,

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Male deer
Karate move
__ one's time (waited)
Nevada casino city
Get out of bed
Vietnam neighbor
Granola grains
Bath bars
Apparel like T-shirts and shorts
Pebble or boulder
''You've got mail'' company
Remind constantly
Veteran sailor
A second helping
St. Louis summer hours
Weaving machine
Adjust in advance
Home-cooling technology
Mexican lizard
Boys in the family
__ Paulo, Brazil
__ roast (beef cut)
Do-it-yourself diagnostic tool
Antonym: Abbr.
Hair stylist's goo
Wipe a whiteboard clean
Ginger ale, lemonade, etc.
Crown of a princess
Annoying noises
Farmland measures
Subtle eye signal
Complete makeovers
Poor grades
Gets cash for
Galore, in the disco era
Emphatic denial
Gator cousin
Make well again
Not deceived by
Pesto sauce herb
Metal in barbells
Physician's conclusion
Clairvoyance, for short
__ Moines, IA
Tattle about
Flashy lipstick shade
Venue for boxing
Very beginning, slangily
Gave to a charity
Roll of turf
Out of whack
Egypt's capital
Advantage, from the game of bridge
More optimistic
Baseball hat
Small kid
Arm joints
Window material
Sight or smell
Double-curve letters
Tri-layer cookie
A Great Lake
Barn-top instrument
Relatives of deer
Road paving material
Winter skating surface