April 8 2021, NewsDay.com

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What Iranians speak
Creator of Marge and 24 Across
Fruit category
Restaurants serving stacks
US Open finals stadium
Object of adoration
Hydropower source
Part of GSUSA
Dairy aisle display
Oscar film about a mathematician
Have in one's grasp
Toon bartender
Curved entryway
Sorority letter
Big name in American literature
Opposite of paleo-
Slow cooker creations
Put forth
Check out quickly
Makeup mishap
Eternally, in poetry
High-heels holder
Agency concerned with MPG
''Excellence in Sports'' award
Palermo possessive
Atom with a charge
Query of concern
Burn a bit
Travel plan
Plumbing or welding
Sway gently
As a consequence
Had no use for
Rattles on
Not as intense
Goes across
World Cup org.
Fictional whaler
Flashy impression
Put forth
New Testament trio
''In your dreams!''
Via, briefly
''I'm all ears!''
Olive stuffing
Valhalla host
Shape to suit
Bull with antlers
Oral exam focus
Tasty bit
Uneasy feeling
French Champagne city
Long for
Casual tops
Came alive
Spots for icicles
Washcloth fabric
Narrow passage
Delicate cut
Sets aside
Soft shade
Lure into trouble
Trial declarations
''Not so fast!''
Remove rashly
Pulled asunder
Warm greetings
Winged matchmaker
What Nod was east of
Much lipstick
Loud outburst