September 11 2019, New York Times

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Piquant garnishes
Female friend, to Felipe
Guffaw syllable
Top dog
Unseen title character in a classic play
Bird in the hand?
Headstone letters
R&B singer with the 2006 hit "So Sick"
___ vez (once: Sp.)
Art often of marginal quality?
Snake in the grass?
Rarer than rare
Bourbon and Beale: Abbr.
Time off, informally
English architect Jones
Grab a stool, say
Head Stone?
Come up in the world?
Proofreader's "leave it in"
Omicrons' predecessors
"___ ever occurred to you ...?"
1960s campus org.
Throw in the towel?
Die-hard fan's cry
Question of introspection
Provides pieces for
Fumble or stumble
Ace in the hole?
One of three figures carved on Georgia's Stone Mountain
Gone from the plate
Lewis who sang the theme for "Avatar"
Mortimer ___, dummy voiced by Edgar Bergen
Shutterbug's setting
Former CNN anchor Paula
"Night" memoirist Wiesel
Nimble, especially for one's age
2000s Fox drama set in Newport Beach
Transportation safety workers, e.g.
Fable's end
Cards at a club, say
Olive oil and fish oil are high in them
When a nautical day begins
Screwdrivers, e.g.
Like gymnasts
One handy with a lariat
When repeated, a club game?
One who's "out"
Starting on
Home of the Blarney Stone
What some eyeglasses lack
Basic subj. for a surgeon
Like some terriers
Upscale Swiss ski resort
Palindromic nickname
Included in an email chain
Converse competitor
Big name in stain removal
Baptism, e.g.
Stadium ticket specification
Checks (out)
Onetime pop star Donny
Neo-___ (film genre)
Some funeral arrangements
Not so risky
Rowdy ___, lead role on TV's "Rawhide"
Real scream
Part of MSG
Visitor from the planet Melmac