October 9 2019, New York Times

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Pilgrim's journey
Big name in water filters
Verse-vs.-verse event
Vacation destination
Elizabeth I was the last one
North Sea feeder
*Storefront cover that's totally busted?
Dem. or Rep., e.g.
Feature of many a mailbox
Facial hair for Uncle Sam and others
Stir up
*Army camp that stinks to high heaven?
*Old Seattle sports page headline?
Extremely small
Bio datum
Lead-in to cast
Nothing but
1980 sci-fi thriller ... or a hint to the answers to the six starred clues
Schumer of comedy
Constellation whose brightest star is Regulus
Appetizer bowlful
Wing it
*High schooler's intuition?
"Could you repeat that?"
Internationally popular French comic book series since 1959
The Jonas Brothers or Dixie Chicks
*What the census provides, in part?
Coffee specification
Reason for a food recall
Member of an elite team
Rod in carpentry
One of math's three M's
___ Accidency, nickname for John Tyler
Light-colored wood
Star of 2019's "Hustlers," informally
Lakeside rental
Vitamin also known as riboflavin
Dictator Amin
Resident of the Polynesian capital Nuku'alofa
Neighbor of krypton on the periodic table
Travel restriction?
J.Crew competitor
Big sister?
River through Liverpool and Manchester
Eldest of the Baldwin brothers
"The Jungle Book" wolf
Org. that's got your number?
Caesar wrap
What the British don't spell "marvelous" or "canceled" with
Full of holes
Quick on one's feet
Final parts
Block, old-style
Go out with
"Hairspray" mom
Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-___
Hotel room amenity
Friend of d'Artagnan
Vittorio ___, director of "Bicycle Thieves"
Triangular 48-Down
Milton Berle's longtime sponsor
Part of a ship
Narcissist's problem
Tense with excitement
Scrabble unit
Complain loudly
"The Matrix" hero
Beanie Babies, once
World Cup cry