October 28 2021, New York Times

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Possible result of a TMZ story
Behind, nautically
"American Dad!" network
Theme of la festa di San Valentino
Spanish equivalent of "Basta!"
Word with know or show
Future zombie's last words?
This is only a test
Sauce that's 80% vowels
Worshiper at the ancient Qorikancha ("Golden Temple")
Core group
Black-and-white movie effect
Country music standard at zombie karaoke night?
Ending for some government 37-Across
Poker giveaway
"Beauty is truth, truth beauty" poet
Info in a modern bibliography
Gets warmer, so to speak
Tackles, say
Kind of reform or code
"Read the clues carefully" and "Check your crossing answers" [You're welcome!]
Big name in nail polish
Reason the zombies are, of course, skipping the empty house?
"Abso-lutely not!"
Be over
Broadcast journalist Paula
Purple shade
Not do anything
Zombies' cry in the face of defeat?
Landmark 1973 court case, familiarly
Sync up
With 13-Down, playground promise
White wine aperitif
Old Apple Store offerings
Ophthalmological ailments
Discover alternative, for short
Toon with a talking map
On the ___ (frequently, in modern slang)
Pro's opposite
Classic clown name
Picturesque town on the Gulf of Salerno
Sound made with one's tongue
"I really appreciate it!"
Ball game
See 68-Across
Causes of some brain freezes
Sandwich that's 100% consonants
"My turn!"
Something that may be pulled in college
"Bravo!" relative
Author of the "Symposium"
Stick with it!
"Spare" item
Wild times at the mall, say
What the D.E.A. might keep tabs on?
___ Ysidro, Calif.
Bassett of "Black Panther"
Ideal picnic forecast
"Yay, me!"
Netflix crime drama set in the Midwest
World capital with traditional water puppet shows for tourists
Preceder of a certain "-naut"
Puts on paper
Withhold from
Canoeing locale
Turkey Hill competitor
Photo finish?