October 17 2020, New York Times

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Pattern of five shapes arranged like this puzzle's central black squares
Highlands memorials
Like Davy Jones's locker
Request before a deal
Type face?
Treaty signed by Carter and Brezhnev
Some last a lifetime
Hunger (for)
Summer Mass. hrs.
___ Yonath, 2009 Chemistry co-Nobelist
Roman's foe in the Gallic Wars
Building supports
"Veep" actress Chlumsky
About to explode, maybe
Do some supermarket work
More repulsive
Chemistry student's expense
With 61-Across, two-time N.C.A.A. football champs of the 2010s
Inexperienced with
Puts away
Alternatives to Nikes
God with a chariot pulled by goats
Overseer of millions at work, perhaps
Govt. research grant org.
Ending with xylyl
Goblins, old-style
Changed one's tune, in brief?
One side of the Ural Mountains
Who definitely isn't the real McCoy?
Setting for "The Great Escape"
Present person
See 38-Across
One of five depicted in this puzzle
NATO alphabet letter before Romeo
Needing to be tucked in, say?
Disclaimer hinting at false humility
Brings home
Shout, in Chamonix
SOS responder, for short
Site of Coleridge's "stately pleasure-dome"
Paper alternative to plastic
Political commentator Navarro
"___ never work"
Whence a memorable emperor's fall
Reaction to an unexpected joke
___ City (Baghdad district)
Sharpen, as a razor
Palindromic tennis champ of the 1990s
Bronze: Lat.
Old ___
Tailgate party sight
French dessert of fruit encased in sweet batter
Theater director Trevor with three Tonys
Language from which "peyote" comes
Unfortunate event
Flamingo's support, often
Flounder relative
Brain wave readers, for short
"Really? Is *nobody* on my side now?"
Something to shoot for
Morocco's next-largest city after Casablanca